Al-Qaddūmī’s Elementary
Hanbali Primer

Shaykh Mūsā b. ʿĪsā Al-Qaddūmī’s elementary primer details one hundred and six questions on the topics of Ṭahāra, Ṣalāt, Ṣawm, Zakāt, and Ḥajj. Known for its brevity and clarity, this treatise bring the objectives of the school into the reach of the novice.  This work features the full Arabic text, a side by side translation into the English language, and brief explanatory notes.

Its simple approach allows a beginner to grasp the fundamental issues of Fiqh. The easily approachable layout helps to build a foundation for further study in the Madhhab .Take a moment to read a sample or listen to an audio sample below.

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